Power: 168W
Voltage: DC 12V – 13.5V
Amperage: 15 Amp ( max. )
Flow: 27L/min
Pressure: 100PSI
Length of the inflating tube: 0.57m
Length of the power wire ( not include cigar-lighter ): 2.75m
Product Size(L x W x H): 15.60 x 8.00 x 14.50 cm / 6.14 x 3.15 x 5.71 inches
color: silver+ black
Material: metal + ABS


Compact size: convenient to carry, do not occupy any extra space.
Suitable for bicycle, car, motorcycle, tricycle, electric car tires, football, basketball, inflatable boat, air bed, balloon, etc.
Easy to use, just plug into your car cigarette lighter for power, slip universal adapter over tire valve and be ready to inflate
Equipped with 3 different nozzle adapters for inflating tires, pneumatic boats, swim rings or balls, etc.


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